Effects of Thumbsucking to Your Child’s Dental Health and How Can We Prevent Them

Effects of Thumbsucking to Your Child’s Dental Health and How Can We Prevent Them

There are some habits children are usually born with, thumbsucking being one of them. It is a habit that leads them to suck their thumbs all the time. Stopping it may take while because it usually goes on for 3 to 4 years while for some it may persist. Thumbsucking in babies is usually as a result of natural reflexes which makes them put thumbs in their mouth. For some, they feel secure or normal when putting them in their mouth.

Most people usually mistake this trait for the lack of nutrients in a baby’s body, which is not the case.  It is not a bad habit but you must stop your child from it after a while as it may pose some effects to their dental health. The best way to restore the condition of their dental health is by using oral care products available at Wonderful Dental for your treatments. You may ask from your wonderful dental office to request prophy paste samples and fluoride varnish samples from Wonderful Dental Team.

The right time to stop them is when their permanent teeth start appearing. This is because it may affect their teeth alignment and mouth to a certain extent. Many parents have tried so many alternatives to stop their kids from sucking their thumbs. Some even opt for crude procedures like applying chili on their thumbs which is very dangerous. You should be aware of the different effects thumbsucking may pose on the dental health of your young one.

Effects of Thumbsucking to the Dental Health of Your Child

Here are ways sucking thumb can affect the general well-being of your toddler.

Poor Dental Alignment

This is about how well the teeth of your young one become aligned as they grow. Dental alignment plays a crucial role in determining your overall appearance as you grow. Persistent thumbsucking leads to poor alignment on your child’s teeth. They will not all be arranged as required, and they may be forced to undergo several procedures like putting on braces or surgeries that help get their teeth back in shape.

Dental Illnesses

Your child is also at high risk of contracting several dental illnesses as a result of thumb sucking. This is because germs on their thumb may be deposited on their teeth. Gum disease is one condition they might experience at a tender age. Bacteria on their teeth exposes them to other illnesses that leave them weak. It may be sad exposing your young to treatments such as fluoride varnish that help strengthen and improve the condition of their teeth at an early age. Moving in fast to stop this trait keeps their teeth in good shape.

Weak Teeth Development

The chances of your young one developing more vulnerable teeth are usually high if their thumbsucking trait persists for a long time. This also depends on the level of aggressiveness they use in sucking their thumbs. Apart from their teeth not being aligned correctly, they will be a little bit shaky, making it difficult for them to consume certain types of food. You should move in fast to stop this habit in your kids.


Some of the parts that are usually affected a lot as a result of thumbsucking in kids include their gums and their palate, which is the roof of their mouth. They will become a little bit sensitive and bring about some pain when they take in cold or hot meals. Tooth sensitivity also leaves your kid in pain all the time. You need to take the right measures to stop your toddler from this trait.

How to Prevent Thumbsucking in Children

Here are some of the measures you should take to prevent thumbsucking in your young one.

Know Their Triggers

Several things may force your kids to start sucking their thumbs. You should identify them immediately and take the right measures to help them stop. One thing that brings about this condition in kids is the stress they are going through. You should create a perfect environment for them to ensure they are comfortable all the time and eliminate stress, which brings about thumbsucking.


It is another tactic you can use to stop your child from thumbsucking. There are different practices you should try to keep that finger out of child’s mouth. One of them is storytelling. Narrate something that will keep them engaged and smiling all the time. It should also capture all their attention to make them forget about putting a finger in their mouth. The ideal time to try this out is before they get to sleep. You should also take them out so that they can get other things that will keep them distracted from this activity. They will stop getting used after some time and stop the habit at last.

Talk to Them

This method applies to parents who have children who have started talking or communicating. You should speak to them convincingly to help them stop the habit. Some parents usually scold their kids and this may create bad blood between them. It will be difficult for your young one to stop this trait if you use undiplomatic means. Talking to them gently will make them stop the habit. Keep reminding your child anytime they forget ad try to put their thumb in the mouth.

Use Presents

Kids love receiving presents a lot. You should find out what your child likes and promise to get them if they stop the habit. Such promises have made many kids loyal and also improve their performances in school.  Do not forget to fulfill their promise if they stop the habit as agreed. Your young one will stop the trait completely after some time.

Praising Them

Heaping praises on your child when you find them not sucking their thumb helps them stop the habit completely. It is a strategy that works well in kids because they love being pampered and praised all the time. You can tell them how bright they have become since they stopped the habit and why they should maintain the same energy. This will keep thumbs out of their mouth for good.

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